Save Money – Reduce Your Medicine Costs – Ask Your Pharmacist About Alternatives Medications!

I have learned that you can save a lot of money every month if you just ask a few questions about your medications. Very often, there is an alternative to high-priced name-brand meds or a less expensive treatment method.

For instance: My wife had high cholesterol and our doctor prescribed a name-brand cholesterol medicine indicated for my wife’s age and health condition. We have high-deductible insurance, so we checked the price. 150 dollars a month! My wife is worth much more, but we were motivated to seek an alternative. We talked to our pharmacist and he suggested she try a generic statin first and see if that brought her cholesterol score to acceptable levels. After three months on a four dollar a month medication, sure enough, her good and bad levels were much better. Including the cost of the extra blood test, we saved over 400 dollars. Every month that goes by our savings keeps adding up!

I had a similar experience. Our doctor wrote a prescription for a topical steroid. The gel required daily application and cost a whopping 250 dollars a month! I talked with our doctor and asked about other options. Injections were an option, one shot monthly. I looked into the cost and learned a three month supply was less than 90 bucks (I tell myself that every time I get stuck I make 230 dollars). My pharmacist is a certified immunizer, meaning he can give injections such as flu shots and travel vaccines. He will give me the injections right there at the pharmacy which is much more convenient for me. He also told me that he could compound a similar medication for far less than the manufactured gel, though the shots are still less expensive.

Most pharmacists will talk with you, but among the “big box” or chain stores pharmacists may be hard-pressed to spend much time with you. That’s one reason I’m glad to have an independent pharmacist in my neighborhood. These men and women own their own shops so they can spend the time with their customers and deliver a higher level of care. To find an independent store, search the internet for “pharmacy” and your city name. Among the familiar chain stores you’ll see names like “Southside Apocathary” or “Johnson’s Pharmacy”. Pharmacy franchises Medicine Shoppe or Medicap Pharmacy are also independently owned, and offer a store locator on their website.

In any case, ask your pharmacist to help you and your doctor identify money-saving substitutes. You cannot put a price on good health, but no law says you have to go broke maintaining it. You’ll see with just a little research and patience, you can save a great deal of money with no loss in health benefit.

Better Than Candy For Valentine’s Day – Women Love Zero-Calorie Pedicure Stuff

It’s well known that women love shoes more than – well, just about anything. Some theorize the reason for such an obsession is that shoes speak the language of sex – a form of visual Morse code, if you will. Stilettos or open-toed heels send entirely different messages than a pair of hiking boots or bunny slippers.

Buying shoes for women as a gift is a very tricky business, and best avoided, since selecting the right pair really requires being able to try them on (among other things). If you want to give a gift to the shoe lover in your life, there are an amazing number of options available. And, while men may be mystified about the reasons why women must have pair after pair of shoes, there is one thing about a woman’s shoe-wearing that they can actually relate to – how her feet look in them.

Beauty care products for feet are a natural complement to wearing beautiful shoes, and shoe lovers also enjoy the home-care pampering that these gifts offer. Even the most expensive designer shoe will not feel right if toenails are ugly or heels are blemished by rough, flaky or hard skin.

Come to think of it, you might also consider the fact that if YOUR feet are ugly, you can bet she has noticed. She may be too polite to tell you, but you might want to pick up a few products for yourself before sandal season starts, since gnarly toes sticking out of sandals or dry, rough feet are not the way to impress women! Since natural is better, here are some suggestions for a Valentine’s Day Pedicure Gift Basket:

Masada Peppermint and Tea Tree Foot Bath Soaking Salts. Natural Dead Sea Bath Salts work wonders for your feet. They relieve aches and pains, relax sore and tired feet, help fight itching and burning due to athlete’s foot.

NonyX Nail Gel. For unattractive yellow or discolored toenails, natural, diabetic-friendly NonyX Gel works by breaking down and removing keratin debris – the discolored, yellow granular buildup under toenails. NonyX Gel softens keratin debris so that it can be scraped out from under the nail, beginning after about four weeks. With regular use, toenails look clear and healthy.

CalleX Exfoliating Dry Heel Ointment. For rough, dry or cracked skin on heels or feet, the solution is to exfoliate and moisturize. CalleX┬« Exfoliating Dry Heel Ointment moisturizes, softens and exfoliates all in one application – without scraping. CalleX is also diabetic-friendly and results in smooth, soft, attractive feet within in just a few weeks.

Suncoat Toxic-Free Nail Polish. Suncoat nail polishes are water-based and naturally colored with earth pigments, which paint on smoothly and dry very quickly. Suncoat offers an array of about 32 different colors that do not contain any FD&C dyes, toluene, formaldehyde, phthalates, alcohol or acetones and acetates.

Product Sourcing Information:

Masada Foot Bath Salts are available online at Amazon and at many health food stores in the personal care products section.

NonyX Nail Gel is sold in the FOOT CARE section of Walgreens, Rite Aid, CVS, Walmart, Meijer, TARGET, Snyders, Longs, Duane Reade, Giant Eagle, HEB, Kerr Drug, Kinney Drugs, ShopKo, Hannaford, SweetBay, Marsh, and Medicine Shoppe pharmacies.

CalleX Ointment is sold in the FOOT CARE section at Walgreens, Rite-Aid, Meijer, Snyders, Duane Reade, Giant Eagle, HEB, Kerr Drug, Kinney Drugs, Stop & Shop, Marsh and Medicine Shoppe pharmacies.