What Is the Best Workout Routine?

For best workout routine results it takes as long as 4 days unless you are wanting to target certain muscle that lacks. Then you can throw an extra day on it.

You can put your workout days in any order you would like. I just have mine in this order because I like to get my harder workouts done in the beginning of the week that way when you start to wear down a little towards the end of the week you only have your easier workouts left.

One thing that anybody with fitness experience will tell you, is that you will not always have energy. There will be plenty of days that you will want to talk yourself out of working out. My best advice is for you to go to your nearest Vitamin Shoppe or Smoothie Factory close by and go ahead and get your pre workout drink. You will learn to keep this close by your weekly workout routines.

Level- Beginner to Advanced

Approx. workout time- 30 mins to 1 1/2 hours.

Days a week- 4 to 5

Always start with your warm ups and stretches… There’s nothing worse than sitting at home with a pulled or strained muscle because you didn’t warm up properly. Not only that but its mentally draining to sit at home watching weeks of your workout program go to waste. Grab about 1/4 to a 1/3 of the weight that you will start your workout with. Perform a couple sets of hammer curls or cable curls, 15 to 20 reps to get the blood flowing and the muscles warmed up. If you need a little boost, I find that a mp3 player or i pod definitely does the trick. With the right workout music you can bring a little extra push and effort with your routine.

Type of Workout

Fat Shred and Tone Up
20, 18, 15 Rep-Count
20 secs to none at all Rest Between Sets
1 1/2 to 2 mins Rest Between Exercises

Muscle Gain
12, 10, 8 Rep-Count
45 secs to 90 secs Rest Between Sets
2 to 3 mins Rest Between Exercises

Strength Gain
6, 4, 2 Rep-Count
1 to 2 min Rest Between Sets
2 to 4 mins Rest Between Exercises

*3 sets of each exercise listed below except cardio and abs


Legs, Calves, Cardio:

-Lunges 3X Sets

-Leg Press or Squats

-Leg Extensions

-Leg Curls

-15-30 Min. of Cardio- Treadmills, elliptical, bicycle

-4 to 6 sets of calves on the calf machine 10 to 15 reps


Chest, Triceps, Abs:

-Flat Bench Press

-Dumbbell Incline Bench Press

-Dumbbell Decline Bench Press

-Dumbbell Flyes or Peck Deck

-Cable Tricep Pushdowns

-Tricep Dips

-Skull Crushers Abs 6X Sets of 20 or more reps

-Decline Bench Crunches 2X sets

-Medicine ball Sit Ups 2X sets

-Hanging Knee Raises 2X sets


Back and Biceps:

-Lat Pulldowns

-Seated Row

-Bent Over Reverse Dumbbell Flyes

-Preacher Curls

-Hammer Curls

-Reverse Curl


Shoulders, Traps, Abs:

-Shoulder Press

-Front Raises

-Lateral Raises


Just stick with your workout plan and make it fun. There’s no secret workouts you can do. It all depends on the details of how your doing it. These are the most effective workout routines for men or women. For a more detailed ab workout routine click the link below. If you can ever see your first set of results it will become so addicting you’ll find yourself setting your schedule around your workout routine instead of trying to find time in your schedule to workout.

Remember, working out is only half the work needed to build the body you want. A very important factor for the best workout routine is your daily intake and post workout meal. Its like driving your race car week after week in races and never changing the oil. It can be done without it but it will eventually catch up to you with slow results or cause your improvement to plateau. Your post workout meal is what will feed your muscles which speed up the fat burning process. It gives you much more energy to push your drive to get back in the gym the next day and be 100% ready.

Stick with this for several weeks and it will quickly become your best workout routine, but remember to change your routine every 4 to 6 weeks to keep your muscles confused.

For help with any of the information in the article above please visit the link below.

Why Is Losing Weight Hard or Should We Focus On Losing Fat?

I must say that I do have a problem with listening to skinny people who never had no more than 15 pounds to lose tell me about obese. I believe the best teacher is one that has had the experience or extensive training and their work is proven to be effective.

I wasn’t always obese. I was once in my younger days very athletic. I played football, wrestled, lifted weights and trained in Boxing, Kung-Fu and later on Tae Kwon Do (Korean karate) and as of today hold a 5th degree black belt in Shotokan Japanese Karate.

Years ago I would get upset when the Doctor asked how I gained the weight. This was an expert obesity doctor asking me the question. That’s why I chose to see him searching for an answer.

I was scrambling my brains trying to return an answer. The best I could say is – maybe it’s the sweets and bread. He replied that it’s probably because I most likely eat 4,500 calories daily! WOW! I really could not accept that! I thought he was crazy diagnosing me with an eating disorder.

My daily meals were the average. I followed the Food Pyramid which the Food & Drug Administration approved except for a few honey buns over the weekend.

I was about 25 years old and barely knew about counting calories and carbs. All of that was a foreign language to me at that time.

20 years later and plenty of unwanted fat, I’ve learned quite a lot. Why? Because it’s my duty to correct the problem and the only way to correct the problem is to be educated, build legitimate tools and resources to win the battle of obese!

There are so many pills, potions and magic powder over the counter to try for weight loss. The question is should we focus on weight loss or fat loss?

YES! There is a difference.

Our body is created with a survival mechanism to store FAT when it thinks we are starving. This is the reason why diets don’t work. Most of them restrict your caloric intake by lowering the amount of food to eat.

This method of losing weight throws a rod in your hormones which causes hormonal imbalance. Your hormones don’t see food and calories like the naked eye. Therefore it should make sense to say the less food and calories you receive the more weight you should lose. WRONG! WRONG! WRONG!

THE TRUTH! The less food and calories the more fat your body will store to survive! You just turned on your survival mechanism to STORE FAT!

We have six fat burning hormones and three fat making (storing) hormones. The one we all should know about that stores fat is “Insulin” and it’s a serious problem when you eat the wrong type of foods, it’s not so much of the quantity that matters!

If eating small amounts of food were the problem why do some smaller people eat more than big people (and never gain weight) and why some big people eat less than small people? And have the hardest time losing weight!