Go Mainstream in Choosing the Best Fish Oil Supplement

There is only one way to say this. Don’t fall for ponzi schemes that try to tell you that there is no other fish oil better than theirs and you can find it only on some unknown website. Be suspicious about these so called best fish oils, particularly when these can’t be found in trusted stores like Vitamin Shoppe, Whole Foods, Wild Oats and other natural food stores.

I am also not saying that everything you find in a major store is all of equal quality. Most stores would carry a range of brands offering choice in terms of price and quality. Nevertheless, I would encourage you to still look for a more mainstream brand, a brand name that is easily recognized for its quality. If a supplement has been really of good quality, chances are it has been in the news, and it has won some awards. I can think of ConsumerLab awards and recognition, meeting international standards such as IFOS – International Fish Oil Standards, European Pharmacopeia standards (EPS), Norwegian Medicinal Standard (NMS) or the United States Pharmacopeia (USP). A mainstream brand should at least meet 2 – 3 international standards.

The USP is relatively new for fish oils and most of the major brands are not yet participating in this program. The USP standards are also not as strict as the EPS or NMS since dietery supplements have a different standard in the US compared to prescription medicinal standards. When compared to Europe, there is no fish oil standard in the US. In fact, the Norwegian Medicinal Standard is one of the strictest in the world for dietery supplements. The regulation in the US is much more loose around supplements simply because they are classified differently as “food” and not “drugs”. It is better to look for a product that meets EPS or NMS and the IFOS standards as these are typically of much better quality. When discussing product quality, purity is a significant concern among fish oil supplement users. Some information on international standards is below which outline the limits.

For heavy metals EPS, NMS, standards are set to 100 ppb (100 parts per billion). However, high quality fish oils are tested down to less than 10 ppb for heavy metals.
For Dioxins. the NMS and EPS standard is 2 ppt (2 parts per trillion). High quality brands are usually tested down to 0.5 ppt with zero detection of dioxins.
For PCB, EPS does not set a standard but the Norwegian Medicinal Standard (NMS) sets the limit to 3 ppt and quality brands test these to less than 1 ppt.

This information should be easily accessible on the manufacturer’s website and 3rd party testing sites if the company is truly transparent about its manufacturing process and testing results. If these are not easily accessible, then you know that they are not of such high quality. If the results are so good, there is no better marketing tool for the manufacturer and they will readily display it on the label and on their websites.

The advantage of going mainstream is such easy access to product quality information and also product recall information if any also being easily available. Another way to recognize a mainstream brand is to look for endorsements by highly qualified individuals including doctors, researchers, and non-profit groups.

In summary, fish oil supplements are mainstream with over 8000 published medical research articles to date on their uses and it is safe to choose a mainstream brand that has a reputation for quality and transparency.

The One Supplement Everyone Should Take Daily To Stay Healthy

Take a walk into your local GNC and the selection of vitamins and supplements will make your head spin! Surf Google for supplement recommendations and you will have access to millions of pages of information offering guidance on hundreds and thousands of different supplements. If you are not sure exactly what you are looking for it can be a daunting task to pick out the right supplements you should be taking. When faced with so many options, people often wonder, “what is the one supplement I should be taking?”

First, keep in mind, we all have different circumstances, lifestyles, and ailments so each of us may have different needs. So, it is difficult to pick out one single supplement that everyone should take. But what if we were forced to take a single supplement, aside from our basic multivitamin, that offers the most proven benefits for staying healthy? I often ask myself this, especially when I look into my medicine cabinet and see it crammed with over 10 bottles of various supplements.

I decided to ask others this question. I asked my doctor. I asked the store managers at my local GNC and Vitamin Shoppe. I asked fellow vitamin junkies on various Internet forums. I even asked leaders and CEO’s in the supplement industry around the world. The answers were incredibly insightful and there were many votes for a myriad of supplements. But one supplement was mentioned more than any other as the one ingredient that could have the biggest impact for staying healthy: Omega-3 fatty acids.

This may come as no surprise to some as supplements containing Omega-3s are one of the most popular and best selling supplements on the market, based on gross sales. This popularity is well deserved and the benefits of Omega-3s have been well documented in numerous books and studies. The proven benefits of Omega-3 supplementation include treatment for
High Cholesterol
High Triglycerides
Rheumatoid Arthritis

Other possible conditions where Omega-3 has shown mixed results and where more study is needed include treatment for
Bi-Polar Disorder
Skin Disorders
Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD)
Macular Degeneration
Menstrual Pain
Cancer Prevention

This list is impressive and will only grow over time as more and more studies into the benefits of Omega-3 are being funded, some by large pharmaceutical companies.

The best sources for Omega-3 fatty acids includes fish oil, flax seed oil, nut oil, canola oil and soybean oil. For most people it is most convenient to supplement with either fish oil or flax seed oil, which are readily available at a reasonable cost. There is also a high quality prescription fish oil named Lovaza which meets the highest standards of formulation and manufacturing and has been proven through clinical trials.

As with any supplement, consult your physician before taking Omega-3. There are some people who should not take Omega’s-3s and there are some known drug interactions. Once you are cleared, get ready to enjoy the multitude of health benefits of omega-3 fatty acid.